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Zukes American Comics is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products from the world of American pop culture. 

Do not let our name deceive you as it’s not just about comics! Zukes offers a vast selection of comic book related action figures, statues, movies, books and so much more. We also carry many signed works, exclusive variant covers and original artwork all available in-store and online.

Zukes American Comics has a significant and growing presence in the Medway area of Kent, operating from our store in Gillingham we pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of American comics and pop culture in the Medway area. We are also the founders of Kent's largest pop culture event, The Medway Comic and Screen Festival.

Thanks for shopping at Zukes. If you have any comments, suggestions or if you just want to complain about your job or next door neighbor, feel free to let us know or pop in for a coffee or soda and we’ll do anything we can to help. Try giving that grump-a-lump next door a Deapool plushie and see if that puts a smile on his/her face?